Alessandro Manzetti, Shanti: The Sadist Heaven review

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Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Alessandro Manzetti is an author whose poetry I greatly admire. This review steps away from his poetry and enters the realms of extreme horror. Shanti: The Sadist Heaven is not a book for everyone. If your sensibilities are offended by graphic sex, acts of depravity, cannibalism, and other such extremes please stay away! Those of you that are familiar with the Marquis de Sade will know what to expect. Yeah, it’s extreme!

The story takes place in a futuristic Paris where anarchy reigns and survival of the fittest is the only way to exist. Juliette and Justine are orphaned sisters who are sent to Sainte Marie College which is run by a transgender madame. Here the sisters are to be taught what it takes to get ahead in this apocalyptic world. One sister will thrive in this new no-holds-barred environment while the other clings to hope while enduring the basest of defilements. Amongst the ruins of what once was lies Shanti the Holy City, only a few are allowed to pass through its gates.

This is an extremely intense story. One that could have gone in another direction that would have made it pure smut. But… this is written by a Bram Stoker award-winning author that really knows how to write! Manzetti is a true artist that can speak of the most vilest of acts and yet, there is a lyrical quality that makes it all sound so beautiful. His way with language keeps the words flowing and the pacing spot-on.

For me, not usually a fan of extreme horror I can say that I enjoyed this story. Those of you that are into this type of horror will not be disappointed. The quality of writing and the ability to make sense of the depravity which occurs in keeping within the context of the story has me giving this book a 5-star rating. You can pick up your copy HERE!

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5/5 shanti

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