the allure of human monsters

The Allure of Human Monsters

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jesus ruiz henao what i learned from my days in the drug trade

Jesus Ruiz Henao: What I Learned From My Days In The Drug Trade

I was in charge of a multinational cocaine business, a Colombian national who managed to become the first billion pounds cocaine cartel in the United Kingdom. That was a massive…

speculation avoid it like the plague

Speculation, Avoid it Like The Plague

Author Kevin Sullivan

Netflix Documentary “The Sons of Sam” to Feature WildBlue Press Author

Carl Denaro was shot in the head sitting in this 1970 Volkswagen Beetle Various suspect sketches of “The Son of Sam”

the real mr big how a refugee became the uks most notorious cocaine kingpin

THE REAL MR. BIG: How A Refugee Became The UK’s Most Notorious Cocaine Kingpin

Get THE REAL BIG  eBook   Paperback From the Book: What Others Are Saying About THE REAL BIG: Ron Chepesiuk (left) and Jesus Ruiz Henao (right)

ron chepesiuk

Ron Chepesiuk

Ron Chepesiuk Ron Chepesiuk (left) and Jesus Ruiz Henao (right)

should a serial killer be set free

Should a Serial Killer Be Set Free?

Don Miller’s Crimes Don Miller in 2020 Extended Sentence Parole Hearing The four murder

warren smith

Warren Smith

Author Warren Smith speaking in New Orleans

faith based fraud a clear eyed look at scandals within the church

FAITH-BASED FRAUD: A Clear-Eyed Look At Scandals Within The Church

Get FAITH BASED FRAUD  eBook   Paperback   Audio Book Author and Ministry Watch President, Warren Cole Smith, Pens New Book To Advocate For Transparency And Accountability In Evangelical Churches About The Author: Author Warren Smith speaking in New Orleans

COLD BLOODED Author Frank Stanfield: Why Are Vampires So Popular?

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