how author john stamp created blood red ivory

How Author John Stamp Created BLOOD RED IVORY

As far as setting goes I picked Zimbabwe after reading about the International Anti-Poaching A group of anti-poaching park rangers, all female, protecting endangered species in Their story is really a great one and I wanted to make…

author john stamp

Author John Stamp

Author John Stamp Find out more about John’s new release here!

suzanne buchanan exposes the sinister truth behind the backpacker murders and thailands mafia in new true crime the curse of the turtle

Suzanne Buchanan Exposes The Sinister Truth Behind “The Backpacker Murders” and Thailand’s Mafia In New True Crime THE CURSE OF THE TURTLE

From The Book: The mothers of the Burmese men

mystery author terry persun on the inspiration for his novels

Mystery Author Terry Persun On The Inspiration For His Novels

Author Terry Persun Find out more about Terry’s latest novel here!

john stamp takes readers on an action packed fight for survival in new thriller blood red ivory

John Stamp Takes Readers On An Action-Packed Fight For Survival In New Thriller BLOOD RED IVORY

From The Book: Author John Stamp Accolades For John Stamp:

a celebration turns deadly in murder at mardi gras

A Celebration Turns Deadly In MURDER AT MARDI GRAS

From The Book: Author Doug Lamplugh

meet terry persun bestselling and award winning author

Meet Terry Persun: Bestselling and Award-Winning Author

Author Terry Persun WildBlue Press Terry with his wife, Catherine Continued Studies Monthly eNewsletter

matthias mccarn

Matthias McCarn

On the early morning of March 6, 1993, an intense fire broke out in a tiny nursery. Sixteen minutes later, firefighters had extinguished the blaze, only to reveal a room…

terry persuns thrilling new mystery the right thing

Terry Persun’s Thrilling New Mystery THE RIGHT THING

From The Book: *WARNING: The following excerpt contains graphic language* Author Terry Persun

27 years to convict my sisters killer

27 Years To Convict My Sister’s Killer

Purchase THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE on “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly