how i came to write about the mysterious death of fritzie mann

How I Came To Write About The Mysterious Death Of Fritzie Mann

Author James Stewart Newspapers in San Diego and Los Angeles covered the case from the With each revelation, the hype grew and the story spread to front pages across the The more the papers sensationalized the story in…

renee fehr

Renee Fehr

Author Renee Fehr

reliving emotions and stumbling upon my sisters secret

Reliving Emotions and Stumbling Upon My Sister’s Secret

Author Renee Fehr On Writing The Book Working with A Ghost Writer Going Back Through The Case Files Greg finally stands trial for Sheryl’s murder in July 2017 The “High-Five” Moment On The Gentleman For the full story on my…

27 years for justice and writing

27 Years For Justice and Writing

“I started thinking about writing a Renee with her two young sons and Sheryl’s oldest son Before I knew it I had a child of my own, When the State’s Attorney contacted my sister back in 2015 After that…

watch me die last words from ohios death row inmates

WATCH ME DIE: Last Words From Ohio’s Death Row Inmates

Praise For WATCH ME DIE: Bill Kimberlin

the wheels of justice


From The Book: Author Renee Fehr

an accident or murder find out in 16 minutes

An Accident Or Murder? Find Out In 16 MINUTES

From The Book: “Apparently, the whole thing was video tape-recorded, but I don’t have all the I have one, but I didn’t get the rest because the case was being As far as I know, the room has…

abraham lincoln true crime author

Abraham Lincoln, True Crime Author

“After dinner, the three Trailors and Fisher left the boarding house in company, for the avowed purpose of spending the evening together in looking about the At supper, the Trailors had all returned, but Fisher was missing, and some…

how forensic psychologist dr joni johnston handles difficult true crime cases

How Forensic Psychologist Dr. Joni Johnston Handles Difficult True Crime Cases

For more content like this, read her book: SERIAL KILLERS: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask by Joni Johnston, Psy.D. You can also purchase the book on Amazon.​ Learn the…

cult survivor benjamin risha how therapy and education allowed him to tell his story

‘Cult Survivor’ Benjamin Risha: How Therapy and Education Allowed Him To Tell His Story

Find out more about Benjamin’s new memoir here!