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American people of German descent

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Wow, what an awesome story. To think such an innocuous item such as a stuffed animal could have such a tale to relay. Doggem by John F Leonard is an imaginative story of a boy and his dog, well actually stuffed toy dog.

Some of you may remember doing this or even have children who have… a teacher makes a classroom mascot of a stuffed animal and assigns children to take turns bringing the mascot home for a few days and then write of their time together diary style in hopes of the teacher gaining some insight of the family dynamics.

Well, it’s 5-year-old George’s turn to bring home Doggem and oh what a lucky boy is he, his turn just happens to fall on the start of a six-week summer break from school.

Told from the perspective of Doggem rather than George we find a special bond has been formed from the moment George first laid hands on Doggem. The first few weeks are ordinary enough it is when the family goes to pay Grandma Joan a visit that an insidious pall falls upon the narration. Dark magic is at work.

Now, I can’t really say much more as this is a short story and I hate spoilers. But, I will add that Doggem is beautifully written with words that flow across the pages. Doggem’s quaint way of speaking truly belies the evil he reveals to us. I highly recommend giving this one a go. You can pick up your copy HERE!

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5/5  doggem

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