John Stamp Takes Readers On An Action-Packed Fight For Survival In New Thriller BLOOD RED IVORY

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Blood Red Ivory Kindle Cover

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent, Tyrone Benhoff is in purgatory. That’s what agents call it when they find themselves on the wrong side of command and are transferred to a place like Djibouti, Africa. He tried to open a case in Virginia that was too close to the wrong people. Now he’s being watched for even the slightest screw-up so his enemies at headquarters can drive him out of the agency.

When a sailor on leave from Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa is killed outside a wildlife preserve in Zimbabwe, Ty is hand-picked to lead the investigation. He finds himself in the middle of a turf war between ivory smugglers and an amazing group of female anti-poaching rangers trying to protect a herd of endangered elephants. If his enemies in NCISHQ don’t get him, it’s even money the wilds of Zimbabwe will.

But Tyrone Benhoff doesn’t quit a case … even when the whole thing was a setup from the start. 

A wild ride of a thriller from John Stamp, whose twenty-year law enforcement career included posts as a police officer and special agent with the FBI and NCIS. 

From The Book:

He studied the flattened and chipped piece of lead that kind of resembled a broken metal mushroom when he noticed movement in the background…big movement. He shifted his focus from the bullet fragment to a grey giant standing not twenty yards away. A bull elephant with tusks as tall as his own six-foot frame stared at him. Its ears waved slowly in the heat, the snout of its trunk curled in his direction as was all of the massive animal’s focus. “Oh shit.” Ty Benhoff found himself in a staring contest with an animal the size of his garage back home in Virginia.

“Do not move.” The low voice was not much more than a whisper.

The bull snorted and pawed at the red dirt with its front leg.

“He’s trying to decide whether or not you are a threat.”

“Whoever you are…”

“He’s trying to decide whether you live or die. Do not move, do not talk, and whatever you do, do not look away.”

“Yup.” For reasons Ty could not explain, he found himself raising his hands as if the animal was robbing him.

“I said do not move.” The voice was female, and persistent. The elephant called in a boisterous trumpeting sound and stomped his foot again. Benhoff realized he was shaking, or was that his heart racing? He couldn’t tell over the blood rushing in his ears.

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John Stamp
Author John Stamp

Accolades For John Stamp:

“It takes many unexpected, well researched and informative turns that are relevant to events going on today. The author has clearly done extensive research on the REAL WORLD interactions and idiosyncrasies between law enforcement agencies that blows the doors off most of the over simplified books out there that appeal to law enforcement aficionados.”

“The unexpected yet believable plot twists really gripped me, while at the same time educating me, and left me tearing through the last few chapters at high speed as I felt like I knew the characters and wanted to know how the story would resolve.”

“The characters are developed in such a complex and personal way that I really rooted for them and was disappointed in them–as though I knew them. The plot kept me raptly engaged with multi-level sub-plots and twists and turns. It was like getting a behind-the-scenes view of what it must be like to be in law enforcement.”

“Terrific writing style that moves seamlessly from one action sequence to the next without sacrificing outstanding character development.”

“This was a really easy read, that kept me wanting more. I wish I could find out more details. Not bad Stamp!”

“Fast paced, thought provoking, convoluted tale of a tough cop and his squad taking on corruption in high places. This story will make you think and leave you wrung out. Highly recommend.”

“This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. The character personalities were alive on the pages and the excitement was so visual, I felt the fire and shock waves from the explosions. Every character, even down to the minor ones, will move you in an emotional way- whether it’s anger or grief. I won’t give away any spoilers! But John Stamp’s writing style sets the story up to be believed, and his words seem to talk for themselves. I will refer to his book as real talent!”

“Very good book. Lots of action, well developed plot. Hard to put down.”

“I really like crime novels and this one was excellent.. good pacing, kept me engaged start to finish …”

“This is an excellent book. I want more. I want to see it on the big screen!! John Stamp is a wonderful author, who takes you with him on a journey into an amazing world that did not allow me to put the book down.”

“Your attention to detail and knowledge of the occult is wonderful and spelling binding. Thank you for a great read.”

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