Netflix Documentary “The Sons of Sam” to Feature WildBlue Press Author

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The true crime community has been buzzing about Netflix true crime documentaries for years: Making a Murderer, The Staircase, Tiger King, American Murder: The Family Next Door, and more recently, Night Stalker and Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

The next highly-anticipated project from Netflix? The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness.

The trailer entices viewers by hinting that the narrative we all know about David Berkowitz and the talking dog is wrong. They briefly summarize the documentary as, “The Son of Sam case grew into a lifelong obsession for journalist Maury Terry, who became convinced that the murders were linked to a satanic cult.”


Carl Denaro was shot in the head sitting in this 1970 Volkswagen Beetle

While this new theory comes as a shock to the general public, “Son of Sam” survivor and author Carl Denaro has suspected Berkowitz wasn’t the only “Son of Sam” killer for decades. Denaro survived a gunshot to the head, which was attributed to “The Son of Sam,” despite the fact that Berkowitz himself denied shooting Denaro when he confessed to the other killings.

In his book, ‘THE SON OF SAM’ AND ME, Denaro reveals his search for the truth about who shot him and remembers his friendship and investigative partnership with Maury Terry, author of THE ULTIMATE EVIL.
Carl Denaro

Denaro says he is, “very optimistic about the upcoming Netflix documentary. After years of fighting the establishment, I am hopeful that the documentary will put to rest the ‘talking dog made me do it,’ lone gunman narrative that has been perpetuated by the NYPD, crime shows and the media.

“Unlike other Son of Sam documentaries, The Sons of Sam will focus on the evidence supporting the conspiracy and the viewers will not be distracted by law enforcement assumptions, inaccurate profiles of David Berkowitz, and ‘facts’ that have been debunked years ago.”

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Of his involvement in the Netflix documentary, Denaro revealed, “I was interviewed by Josh for four hours, sharing my thoughts on the case and my friendship with Maury… I am confident that this documentary along with my book, ‘The Son of Sam’ and Me will enlighten millions of people who are only familiar with the lone gunman narrative.

Nine sketches of "Son of Sam" suspects

Various suspect sketches of “The Son of Sam”

“There is a plethora of circumstantial evidence that has been compiled over the years bolstering the conspiracy angle that David Berkowitz did not act alone. Josh Zeman had access to most, if not all, of Maury Terry’s research. I am sure the documentary will drive home the point that David Berkowitz and his cohorts were involved in the Son of Sam attacks.”

Most importantly, Denaro says, “My good friend, Maury Terry, who passed away in 2015, would be very happy that Josh Zeman produced a documentary that will be seen by millions of viewers.”

The documentary drops on Netflix on May 5.

If you can’t wait, get Carl’s book, ‘THE SON OF SAM’ AND ME, for all the exclusive details, his personal story of surviving the shooting and investigating with Maury Terry.

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