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Tomlinson’s perfectly planned bank robbery is fouled up by unexpected contingencies:- his partner is shot and dies, on his hands, and a baby-sitter- on the run from an amorous father- is an unfortunate witness and subsequent victim. Her murder sets off a chain reaction of violence in a suburban development, an innocent man is charged, and finally- through the neighbors- a loyal wife is able to connect the crimes for the police. The Long Island suburbs provide a recognizable frame of reference. Trim.

Pub Date: June 1, 1956


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  • Great Circle: A novel Great Circle: A novel This is a story a woman’s unenthusiastic life as she strives to break free. Marian Graves is also from a family which has lost their fame. Instead of bitterness, Marian continues to dream for the future and works hard for her stars. Although her life is not easy, she refuses to let the circumstances of her past dictate the fate of her future. This is an American story about independence, shedding your past,Read More
  • Klara and the Sun: A novel The book Klara and the Sun is an emotional story about loss and love. A peculiar girl, Klara who always insists that someone else is always inside of her body finally comes face to face with her real self. It is a masterpiece is that still contemplative and thoughtful as you are being drawn in by the essence of that “someone else.”Read More
  • The Four Winds: A Novel The Four Winds: A Novel by Kristen Hannah is a charming yet gritty story of women who remember America's iconic dust storms and have been trying to survive since the nation asks them to. This book is a touching story of survival, resilience, and hope.Read More

Publisher: Dutton

Review Posted Online: N/A

Kirkus Reviews Issue: June 1, 1956

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