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Renee Fehr knew that Gregory Houser killed her sister Sheryl. There was not a single doubt in her mind. Yet for 27 years Houser walked free.

But Renee wouldn’t rest until he was convicted for murder.

THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE is equal parts the story of a monstrous killer, a harrowing look at domestic violence, and an inspirational story of a family that wouldn’t quit until justice prevailed.

From The Book:

On the morning of October 5, 1990, I was sitting in my office behind my big wooden desk engulfed in burgundy leather, working for the law firm of Cobb Cole & Bell in Daytona Beach, Florida. I had just reached a settlement on a case; one that had been dragging on for months. It was a big success for me, and I was proud of my work.

As I worked, I felt the presence of someone in the room. I looked up to see my husband, John, standing in the doorway wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. I was confused for a moment. I was at work. He didn’t belong in my doorway.

Then I knew. I screamed, “He killed her, didn’t he!”

I jumped up with such force that my awkward and heavy chair spun away like a child’s toy and crashed into a credenza behind me. I ran into John’s arms screaming, “I told you he was going to kill her, I told everyone he was going to kill her!” John could only nod his head and hold me tight.  

Earlier that day one of my sisters called John and told him “Sheryl is dead. One of the boys found her hanging in the garage.”

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That morning at the hospital where Sheryl worked, a co-worker who knew just enough about her personal situation was worried when she didn’t show up for her 7:00 a.m. shift. She called Sheryl’s house to check on her. The first time, no one answered. She waited a few minutes and called back and Sheryl’s oldest son answered the phone. When the nurse asked him if she could speak to his mommy, he said, “I don’t know where my mommy is.”

She then said, “Put down the phone, go find your mommy, and tell her that someone at work needs to speak with her. If you can’t find your mommy, come back and tell me that.” 

Renee Fehr
Author Renee Fehr

After what seemed like an eternity, Sheryl’s oldest came back to the phone and announced, “I found mommy. She is asleep in the garage with a rope around her neck and I can’t wake her up.” 

The co-worker dialed 911.

Sheryl’s body was found on the garage floor with her upper torso held up by thin yellow nylon boating rope which had been looped over a piece of metal pipe placed across the rafters and used by Greg to hang and dress deer that he hunted and killed. A tall stepladder was found in an upright position near her body. The rope was tied three times around her neck.

She had not given anyone any indication she was despondent or depressed. There was no suicide note. When I last spoke to her she seemed happier than she had been in months.

It made sense she left no note. The thought of Sheryl killing herself never crossed my mind.

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