WATCH ME DIE: Last Words From Ohio’s Death Row Inmates

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WATCH ME DIE Bill Kimberlin

Dr. Bill Kimberlin invites the reader on an extensive and unbiased journey inside Ohio’s death row in WATCH ME DIE: Last Words From Death Row.

You will see how these inmates think as Kimberlin not only spends time interviewing them, but also eats meals with them and, in some cases, is the last person to speak with them before they are executed. From the moment they are placed on suicide watch until the moment they are pronounced dead right in front of him, Kimberlin will walk you through the twisted and complex execution process in the state of Ohio. 

WATCH ME DIE presents an unbiased look at the realities of death row, in Ohio and America as a whole. This book is much more than an argument about the death penalty. Instead, Kimberlin exposes the harsh truth of what it is like to be on death row, counting the days until your own execution, as told to him by those who have lived it.

With no physical or mental restraints, Kimberlin’s conversations earn the trust of many high-level and violent offenders. He shares with the reader these unfiltered and honest thoughts from people staring in the face of death. Their writings, their artwork, and their own words will put the reader in the room with these dangerous killers. Nothing is off limits and there is nothing to shield Kimberlin from the same hands that have taken countless lives, leaving Dr. Kimberlin himself asking, “Will this be my last trip to death row?”

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In this newly revised edition of WATCH ME DIE, Dr. Bill Kimberlin takes the reader on a more intimate journey into death row than ever before. This edition includes a “Where Are They Now?” section, updating the reader on which inmates have faced their execution, which inmates are still counting their days, and who else has asked Kimberlin to watch them die.

Praise For WATCH ME DIE:

WATCH ME DIE Bill Kimberlin
Dr. Bill Kimberlin

“Dr. Kimberlin’s first-hand experience getting into the minds of death row inmates is unparalleled, he is a true expert in the field of death row psychology.” – Professor Michael Drane, Host of “Unpopular Culture Podcast”

“In ‘Watch Me Die’, Death Row Expert and author Dr. Bill Kimberlin takes us to life on Ohio’s death row, and personally introduces us to some of the very worst killers condemned to die, and reveals what they finally had to say! RIVETING.”Dan Zupansky, host of “True Murder” and author of Trophy Kill: “The Shall We Dance” Murder

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